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Gang Beasts is a multiplayer fighting game that is reminiscent of the classic arcade game, Smash TV. This game is mostly about fighting, but players can also play in many other modes such as "Belly Bounce", which is a dodgeball game, and "Survival", which is a horde mode. Gang Beasts is a multiplayer fighting game created by indie game developer Boneloaf. Developed with the Unity game engine, this 2D side-scrolling fighter pits up to four players against each other. The object of the game is to use one of the many weapons available, such as a frying pan, to knock other players off the map, or to push them into hazards such as spikes. Gang Beasts is one of the few fighting games to have an asymmetric gameplay, with the players not having the same abilities and weapons.


The gameplay of Gang Beasts is a little different from most fighting games. Instead of a traditional one-on-one fight, Gang Beasts consists of up to four players taking part in a free-for-all brawl. The player that is knocked out of the arena or that is the last one standing, wins the round. Players can punch, kick, and throw opponents, either to the level ground or into an obstacle such as a wall, mirror or a spike.

The game also features a variety of weapons, such as chainsaws and hammers. These weapons can be picked up after being knocked out of a player's hands or after a player is killed. However, players will also have to watch out for a variety of hazards, such as manholes, spikes, and barbed wire.

The gameplay of Gang Beasts consists of a 2D side-scrolling fighter with asymmetric gameplay. Players use one of the many weapons available, such as a frying pan, to knock other players off the map, or to push them into hazards such as spikes. The players do not have the same abilities and weapons, which is what makes the game unique. 

The players can play against the AI bots or other players. The game modes available are a free-for-all deathmatch, and a king of the hill-style survival game.

The game is a cooperative fighting game with up to four players. It allows players to choose one of the several characters with different abilities, and weapons. Players have an ability to play against AIs or other players.

The game modes are "free-for-all deathmatch" and "king of the hill-style survival game".


The graphics in the game are not very detailed. The game's art style is reminiscent of the Commodore 64 or Atari 2600.


The game is very replayable because the player can compete in different modes, such as "Belly Bounce" and "Survival", and in different settings, such as fighting on a level ground, fighting on a platform, fighting on a moving platform, or fighting under water.


Gang Beasts is an Indie 2D side-scrolling fighting game with asymmetric gameplay. It allows up to 4 players to play against each other. It is one of the few fighting games that are not 1v1. It is also one of the only 2D side-scrolling fighting games.

Pros ­čĹŹ

  • The game has a variety of modes, such as "Belly Bounce" and "Survival"
  • The game has a lot of replayability
  • The game is cheap

Cons ­čĹÄ

  • The game has simple graphics
  • The game is difficult to learn

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