Call of Duty®: Mobile review

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Call of Duty®, the blockbuster series of military first-person shooter games, is now available on mobile devices. With Call of Duty®: Mobile, players can go beyond the console and PC, and bring the Call of Duty® experience with them wherever they go. Call of Duty®: Mobile is a mobile game that was released worldwide on January 25, 2019. It is an online shooter game that can be played on iOS and Android devices.


Call of Duty®: Mobile features the complete Call of Duty® experience with authentic and intense combat, epic multiplayer and cooperative gameplay, and the latest, most advanced technology. With a variety of ways to dominate the battlefield and complete objectives, you will have the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner soldier.

Call of Duty®: Mobile is an online shooter game that can be played on iOS and Android devices. The gameplay is interesting and will keep players engaged for hours. There are several in-game features that will allow players to enjoy different types of gameplay. These include:

  • Exploration Mode: This is a type of exploration-based gameplay where the player can freely explore on foot.
  • Battle Royale Mode: This is a multiplayer mode where the players are in a free-for-all battle that is last until only one player is left alive.
  • Multiplayer Mode: This is a type of gameplay where players can take on the role of a soldier and join other players in battles.


The graphics are stunning, with realistic animations, exquisite character details, and a variety of environments.


Call of Duty®: Mobile is a game that you can't put down. With a variety of game modes to choose from, such as Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-op, you will never have a dull moment.


Call of Duty®: Mobile is a game that you can't put down. It's the complete Call of Duty® experience, and is available anywhere you are.

Pros 👍

  • The graphics are astounding and detailed
  • The gameplay is exciting and immersive
  • The replayability of the game is endless

Cons 👎

  • It may take a while to get used to the controls and gameplay
  • There aren't many updates on multiplayer and co-op modes

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