How to Get the True Ending in Animal Well

  • 20 May 2024 |
  • Giselle Blackwood

Unlocking the true ending in Animal Well is a thrilling challenge that demands ingenuity and perseverance. Whether you are an expert gamer or a beginner to the game, this guide will break down each step required to face the true final boss and unravel the hidden mysteries that lie beyond the initial credits. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Gather All Necessary Tools

Gather All Necessary Tools

To unlock the true ending of Animal Well, you'll need to gather several key tools throughout the game. These special items are hidden in various locations, and some are critical for overcoming obstacles you'll encounter on your journey.

  • UV Lantern: This tool is vital for revealing hidden drawings and passages that otherwise remain invisible.
  • Top: The Top is needed to access secret areas that lead to the true final boss.
  • Remote and Bouncy Ball: These are indispensable for navigating through tricky puzzles and sealed pathways.

Step 2: Find All Secret Eggs

The next crucial step involves locating all the secret eggs hidden throughout Animal Well. There are 64 to be found, each cleverly concealed in various parts of the game.

Tip: To efficiently track these eggs, maintain a map of the areas you have explored and take note of any locations that appear suspicious or inaccessible with your current tools.

Once all 64 eggs are in your possession, proceed to the egg room, where you will witness a significant change.

Step 3: Unlock the Egg Room Door

Upon entering the egg room with all the secret eggs, you'll see the door in the top left-hand corner start to open. This door leads you to a chest containing the 65th Egg, an item crucial for the true ending.

Unlock the Egg Room Door

  • Return to the Egg Room: Ensure you have all 64 eggs before you attempt this step.
  • Open the Secret Door: Witness the door open and acquire the 65th Egg from the chest inside.

Step 4: Battle the True Final Boss

With the 65th Egg in hand, navigate back to the chamber where you initially encountered the Manticore. Head to the far left side of the chamber and utilize the UV Lantern to reveal a drawing of a Top. Use the Top to open a passageway leading to an egg incubator.

  1. Place the 65th Egg: Approach the incubator and place the egg inside to hatch a new Manticore.
  2. Evasion and Strategy: This new Manticore will pursue you. Utilize its laser beams to destroy blocks marked with crosses, enabling your further progress.

Once the new Manticore is on the scene, you’ll need to strategize your movements to reveal essential items and pathways quickly.

Step 5: Use the Top and Wheel Device

With the Manticore's assistance, head to the right of your current position and look for a small alcove blocked by destructible blocks. Here, you will use the Top again to unveil a Wheel device and a large Manticore block.

  • Manipulate the Wheel Device: Swiftly use the Wheel device to raise or lower the block. Don’t worry about taking damage during this step if you’re not aiming for a flawless run.
  • Reset if Necessary: You can return to this point without penalty, so take your time to manage the Manticore effectively.

Step 6: Play the Animal Flute

Play the Animal Flute

After manipulating the block, return to the egg incubator area. Focus on the destructible blocks on the left side of the room. Use the Manticore to clear these blocks, then deploy the Remote and Bouncy Ball to navigate towards the organ. Upon reaching the organ, play the Animal Flute while standing next to it.

Tip: Timing is everything here. Make sure you’re clear of obstacles before playing the Flute, as the Manticore's movements will be unpredictable.

Step 7: Control the Manticore

Playing the Animal Flute will cause the Manticore to ingest you, transporting you to a new area where you gain control over the Manticore itself.

  • Navigate the Area: As the credits roll, follow the periphery of the large land mass until you reach the top.
  • Activate the Large Black Disc: Find the four yellow buttons and press them to activate the disc.

Step 8: Return to the Well

Using the large black disc, you can transport yourself back to the initial area between the clock and the well. This concludes the journey towards unlocking the true ending in Animal Well. Achieving this true ending is a remarkable testament to your skill and determination in the game.

While the main story is relatively simple, uncovering the true finale is an intricate puzzle that rewards patience and innovative thinking. Congratulations on making it this far, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing one of Animal Well's most challenging feats.