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Fishdom is a puzzle game for the PC. The object of the game is to match three or more tiles of the same type, and clear them from the board. The tiles come in many varieties, such as goldfish, seaweed, and bubbles. The game is played by swapping tiles to make three in a row. You can also swap a row or column with an adjoining row or column. You can also swap rows, columns, or diagonals, and also make matches that merge two sets of tiles.


The gameplay is divided into two parts. The first part consists of the puzzle board, and the second part consists of the "pond." The pond is a small area in the lower-left corner of the screen that holds a limited number of fish. It is also where you can choose to place additional fish. The pond is a great way to plan your next move.


The graphics of the game are very nicely done. The tiles are very well drawn and appear to be quite realistic in appearance. The pond and the fish are also very well done.

Information about replayability

The game can be played over and over again without getting boring. This is due to the large number of different tiles.


I highly recommend this game. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys puzzle games. It is great for children who are learning about fish, or people who just want to learn about fish. It can be a great educational tool for children. It is great for people who just want a game that is fun and relaxing. I would also recommend this as a great game to play if you are going on a long car ride, or if you just want to sit back and relax.


  • It is educational in that it teaches children about different types of fish
  • It is very enjoyable
  • It is very well drawn
  • It is very easy to learn how to play
  • It is very easy to play
  • It is very addictive
  • It is very rewarding


  • It can be frustrating for some people
  • It can be time consuming
  • It can be expensive
  • It can be frustrating when you forget what you were doing
  • It takes a long time to complete the game


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