Unraveling the Mysteries of Decision Missions in Armored Core 6

  • 30 Aug 2023 |
  • Giselle Blackwood

Armored Core 6, an exhilarating mech action game, is a playground for the strategic and tactical among us. One of the intriguing features of this game is the Decision Missions - a fascinating game mechanic that deepens the narrative complexity and re-playability of the game. Thus, understanding how Decision Missions work becomes an essential part of strategizing your gameplay. Let's delve into the nitty-gritty of these pivotal missions.

Understanding Decision Missions: Choices That Matter

Understanding Decision Missions Choices That Matter

The term 'Decision' in Decision Missions is not mere terminology - it represents consequential choices that the player must make. Decision Missions come in pairs and require a choice between two different but equally compelling missions. The catch? Once a mission is selected, the other gets locked out for the remainder of the playthrough. For instance, in Chapter 3, a player may have to pick between "Eliminate the Enforcement Squads" and "Destroy the Special Forces Craft". The mission not selected becomes inaccessible until the next playthrough, creating a sequence of unique experiences with every run.

Making the Most of Your Playthroughs

Every decision in Armored Core 6 matters, and the value of replayability is central to its game design. To fully unlock and experience all Decision Missions, multiple playthroughs are encouraged. With NG+ and NG++ modes and several exclusive missions in these sequential plays, plus a variety of endings, there’s always fresh content waiting to be unlocked in Armored Core 6 after the initial playthrough.

Suggested Strategy: Keeping Things Organized and Exciting

Suggested Strategy Keeping Things Organized and Exciting

Deciding which Decision Missions to choose can be quite the challenge. A smart strategy would be to choose the top Decision Mission in the first playthrough consistently and then the bottom Decision Mission in the NG+ playthrough. This approach will ensure a balance of storyline exposure and ease in keeping up with the missions not played yet. Plus, this guarantees different endings at the conclusion of your initial two playthroughs.

NG++ and Beyond: Discovering New Missions

For the truly dedicated players forging ahead to NG++, they will encounter two additional Decision Missions - "Coral Export Denial" and "Eliminate V.III." These missions, available in Chapters 3 and 4, respectively, are key to unlocking the third ending. As with previous playthroughs, failing to select these missions when they appear will require an additional playthrough to access the final ending.

In essence, Armored Core 6's Decision Missions offer a rich, variable gameplay that pushes the boundaries of the game's narrative arcs and replay value. So gear up, soldier; exciting mech battles, intriguing stories, and meaningful choices await!