YouTube Has Taken Another Step Towards the Development of the Educational Niche

  • 19-09-2022 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

YouTube is taking serious steps towards the development of the educational environment on the platform, since more than 93% of users use YouTube in one way or another in order to obtain information. In the latest update, it has a special player for educational content, where there will be no ads at all. This will allow you to conveniently provide users with access to paid or free courses.

According to information provided by official sources, the purpose of this decision was to create an exclusive learning platform that will allow you to receive content without distracting factors such as advertising and recommendations. Immediately after the introduction of this feature, YouTube began cooperation with large educational companies, including Purdue Global, Purdue University, and EDpuzzle. A new player was also immediately released for Google Classroom.

At first, YouTube courses will be available only to users from South Korea and the United States, but later they will be available to absolutely all users. In addition to the new player and courses, there will be video quizzes for better interaction between the teacher and the audience. However, they should not wait until next year.

The pandemic has become a powerful stimulus for the development of online technologies aimed primarily at education, so YouTube's interest in this industry is not at all surprising. And even in the case of a normal epidemiological and geopolitical situation, online learning is a great opportunity for people from all over the world to work on themselves.

Do you like the idea of YouTube courses? Do you think that online learning will be as effective as regular school and college courses? Please share your opinion below.