Minecraft: The Wild Will Finally Get an Update in June

  • 11-06-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Getting updates on your favorite game is always exciting. For the last six months, the developers of Minecraft haven’t added any new updates, but now the situation is about to change. The update will be available for all the usual platforms and referred to as ‘The Wild’ or Version 1.19.
The game is supposed to get new areas called ‘The Mangrove Swamp’ and ‘The Deep Dark,’ which will be situation underground. Getting to this area should be quite a challenge because players will need to find a cave and dig in it. Just as the name of this area suggests, the place will be quiet and gloomy overall, but there will also be plenty of creatures to keep you on your toes at all times.
As for ‘The Mangrove Swamp,’ it will be a wetland area filled with growing roots and large trees. Such big trees will give players the new materials that they can use for building. The most exciting part of this area is that you have to get through it on a boat, as the ground is too swampy for you to simply walk on it. The game will also offer three mobs, such as ‘The Frog,’ ‘The Warden’ and ‘The Allay.’ There are three development stages when it comes to ‘The Frog.’ At first, it is a frogspawn, then it turns into a tadpole, and finally into an adult frog.
The ‘Deep Dark’ biome is the main gameplay focus of this update and invites players to a truly dangerous location. The game requires players to make as few sounds as possible because they cause vibrations that can lead sculk blocks to you.
The Wild update is planned to be released on June 7, 2022. It will be available for all the usual Minecraft: Bedrock Edition platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. As for the mobile devices, the update can be accessed on iOS and Android.
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