An Increase in the Use of Apps by 36% Took Just Two Years

  • 02-05-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

Over the last two years, the app market has undergone some significant changes which proves the fact that apps are essential tools to make our daily routine convenient. The numbers below speak for themselves.

The UK is the leading country among app users as its market showed an incredible 52% increase.  A research company Amplitude has conducted research that has shown that the general growth of app usage rose by 36% for the period from early 2020 to late 2021 whereas the popularity of website usage jumped by 57%.

Consequently, more and more users prefer the convenience of apps being 54% of all users. However, website usage is still trendy and has 46%. The most popular apps are food order and delivery which jumped by an unbelievable 164% over the year 2020. Online banking goes second as 77% of users prefer having a bank inside their mobile phones.

There is a tendency to use websites when it goes to B2B SaaS products as shown by 88% of the access.  App MAUs increased by 36% in two years’ time when its website happened to show more conversions and made 57%. There was a steady rise in the number of MAUs users comprising 54% of all final customers. The pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in a rising demand for food delivery and eating habits during the last two years.

In December 2021, the number of MUAs buying food using apps has increased by an astounding 162% while its web version was used by only 68% more users. Likewise, banking services on apps have gained popularity and undergone a stable rise over the last two years, showing incredible 92% growth. The evidence shines the light on the fact that digital companies and brands now have and effectively use a great variety of tools and techniques to interact with their potential clients.

Have you started using more delivery services as a result of COVID? What apps did you find the most useful during the pandemic? Tell us in the comments below.