Crafting Genius in Zelda: Unleashing the Power of a Battering Ram in Tears of the Kingdom

  • 31 Aug 2023 |
  • Landon Copeland

Creative genius has struck again in the world of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Since its incredible launch in May 2023, the vast community of dedicated players has reveled in the freedom associated with constructing devices, machines, and vehicles. Given the game's current content limitations, the creativity showcased by the community is nothing short of remarkable, as demonstrated by a player's recent compelling invention.

On the user-populated platform Reddit, a resourceful player going by the handle vanilla_thunder_96 shared their most recent game accomplishment - a working battering ram. This may not appear as an intricate or lavish creation on the face of it, but the underlying engineering principles demonstrate a dedication to functionality.

The battering ram, created from Zonai pieces, has been carefully designed for efficient operation. Vanilla_thunder_96 incorporated fans as a propulsive mechanism and creatively utilized Flame Emitters to empower the battering arm of the structure. In a short thirty-second video, one can witness the might of the machine as it successfully slams open a large gate.

Vanilla_thunder_96 playfully likens their creation to Grond, the impactful hundred-foot battering ram from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. This whimsical cross-reference to a popular fantasy franchise has indeed earned the admiration of their fellow gamers. Discussion threads now reverberate with Grond's name, demonstrating the connection that gamers make across different universes.

In conclusion, the innovative creation of a simple yet functional battering ram is a testament to the spirit of the players of Tears of the Kingdom. While some might merely replicate this design, others might take this as an inspiration to improve and design something more extravagant. The community will continue to captivate and entertain fans with their fascination for devising extraordinary creations within the game's parameters.