WhatsApp Will Provide Group Admins with More Control Over Messages

  • 04-08-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

WhatsApp continues to add new features to its arsenal, and this time the new function will allow admins of groups to delete messages for all members. It means that admins will be able to moderate groups more effectively, so it’s surely a good option to have.

Currently, this feature is only being tested and was initially noticed by WABetaInfo, which looks for upcoming changes before they are known to the general public. This particular feature is a part of the Android update, so users will only get access to it when it arrives. It works because admins of groups will be able to delete incoming messages so that no one sees them. Members of the group will be able to see in the chat bubble that an admin deleted a message by one of the participants. This will ensure better moderation of huge groups, so it’s not surprising that the developers of WhatsApp decided to add it to the app.

There is also another feature that the team is working on: a chatbot for providing WhatsApp announcements for all users of the app. If there are some changes or updates regarding the work of WhatsApp, developers can easily inform all users thanks to this new feature. Moreover, users will also get some recommendations and tricks on enhancing their WhatsApp experience. The chatbot can also be used as the tool of Meta to inform users about any privacy or security changes. According to WABetaInfo, it will be possible for users to block this chat in the future if they don’t wish to get any notifications. This feature is also currently being tested for Android devices.

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